Objective 3: Boosting performance for all schools

Queensland schools perform at a high level. Yet we are looking to build even better school performance.

High expectations, quality teaching and improved discipline are essential to boosting the performance of our schools and the success of our students.

It is well established that teacher quality is the single greatest in-school influence on student engagement and learning outcomes.

So how are we seeking to boost the quality of teaching in Queensland?

  • Firstly, we’re providing on-the-job training for preservice teachers in state schools and professional development for practising teachers at five Teacher Education Centres of Excellence. Independent schools will set up four centres of excellence, while Catholic schools will boost mentoring for new teachers.
  • The department is also ensuring state schools build the capacity of their staff to respond to the academic and pastoral needs of all students with the help of the Learning and Wellbeing Framework
  • Further, the Teacher Education Implementation Taskforce was established to work through further reforms to teacher education, based on the recommendations of the Caldwell Review, which explored teacher preparation programs.