Teaching in Junior Secondary

Since 2013 Queensland state schools have recognised Years 8 and 9 as Junior Secondary with Year 7 to be included when it becomes a part of high school in 2015.

The Junior Secondary phase of learning began in all state secondary schools for students in Years 8 and 9 at the beginning of the 2013 school year.
Focused on age-appropriate learning, Junior Secondary helps bridge the gap between primary and secondary school during what is often considered as a period of rapid physical, emotional, intellectual and social change for students.
When Year 7 becomes a part of high school across Queensland in 2015, the department will need up to 1300 additional secondary teachers in Queensland state schools to support the students commencing in Junior Secondary.

These additional teachers might transition from primary school, they may currently be studying to become a teacher or they may be aspiring teachers who are considering a career change.
Wherever the pool of Junior Secondary teachers comes from, we are seeking teachers with a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that the learning and wellbeing needs of our students can be met.

Junior Secondary Connect

Junior Secondary Connect aims to provide existing primary teachers who are transitioning to Junior Secondary settings access to a suite of development opportunities that seek to inform, educate and support the transition from primary to secondary teaching in 2015.

The program enables transitioning teachers to build on their personal and professional capabilities, knowledge and understanding of adolescent development and teaching practice and provides them with exposure to secondary school settings.

More detailed information about professional development and teaching in Junior Secondary settings can be found on the Make a difference. Teach website​.​​