Who's who at school


Who is who in your school?

While the teaching arrangements and structure are different in every school, you might find a combination of the following in your high school.

Your principal is responsible for the entire school community. He or she is responsible for improving learning outcomes for all students, supervising teachers and other staff members, as well as managing the major administrative tasks, such as setting the long-term direction of the school and developing school policies.

The deputy principal helps the principal with all of the different tasks involved in running a school and looking after the wellbeing of teachers, support staff, parents and students.

The roll call/form teacher will call the roll each morning and is a great person to talk to when you need help getting to know your school.

Now you are in high school you're likely to have more than one teacher teaching you different subjects. Each of your subject teachers has specialist knowledge about their subject and is willing to help you understand specific things if you're struggling.

A year level coordinator is your go-to person if you're having trouble balancing all the school work you need to do, or if you're having an issue with a particular subject that you haven't been able to resolve or you are experiencing problems with fellow students. Your year level coordinator can advise you on strategies that might help.

A school guidance officer can provide you with help when you need support on personal matters that might include personal and social development, mental health, learning needs, and educational and career pathways. While respecting your confidentiality, guidance officers often work as members of a support team committed to providing quality education services to all school students.

A school chaplain can provide a friendly face and support when you need to talk about problems at home or at school. You do not have to share their beliefs or faith to get support or help. School chaplains complement the work of school guidance officers.

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