Year 7 Pilot Program

To ensure a smooth transition when Year 7 becomes a part of high school in Queensland from 2015, the government took a number of practical steps to prepare for the move, including piloting Year 7 in 20 state schools before 2015.

The pilot program, which began in 2012, was a great opportunity for students to get a head start on high school life. Their experiences have paved the way for Year 7 students in the years to come.

In agreeing to join the Year 7 pilot program, the 20 state schools committed to sharing their insight and experiences in an effort to help all schools make a smooth and seamless transition of Year 7 to secondary in Queensland.

Following more than 60 hours of interviews with pilot school principals, teachers, students and parents, four key insights about the program emerged.

Insight 1: Focus on transition

Successful transition in pilot schools involved a combination of key events over an extended period of time with various groups participating including the 2015 Year 7 and Year 8 students, families, teachers, affiliate primary schools etc. Read about the groups and events that pilot schools considered in their transition.

Insight 2: Invest in your people

The move of Year 7 to high school has created opportunities for some schools to expand their teaching workforce, so pilot schools have recommended using this opportunity to reinvigorate teaching practice. See how some pilot schools approached the changes to their workforce.

Insight 3: Understand the adolescent learner

Pilot schools found that an understanding of the adolescent learner needs to be reflected in the approach to teaching and learning in the Junior Secondary years and also in the approach to student wellbeing and leadership more broadly.

Insight 4: Seek regular feedback

Pilot schools have found that seeking out and acting on feedback has been a key to their success.

More information

State schools can find out more about the Year 7 pilot program by contacting their regional director.

Parents can find out more about the Year 7 pilot program by visiting the Questions and answers page.

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