Focus on transition

Successful transition in pilot schools involved a combination of key events over an extended period of time with various groups participating.

Rather than a one-time event, transition was viewed by pilot schools as a process beginning months ahead of the new school year and continuing for months into each school year.

A combination of the following types of events were used in pilot schools to help students and their families adjust to the high school transition:

  • parent information events
  • Term 4 orientation events
  • high school experience days
  • teacher swap days with affiliate primary schools
  • open afternoons
  • enrolment interviews
  • ongoing parent workshops.

While the incoming Year 7s will be a major focus of transition-style events leading up to 2015, pilot schools highlighted the importance of including other groups in the transition activities, such as:

  • Year 7 into Year 8 students
  • parents of incoming students and the broader school community
  • incoming Year 7/Junior Secondary teachers
  • affiliate primary schools
  • current secondary teachers and heads of department
  • members of the school administration and management.

 "The first day of high school was fine because I had been there a lot the year before and knew what to expect. We had an orientation day where I met many of the teachers and made new friends. I came for three other days too – a French day, a creative arts day and a science day. Nothing was unfamiliar on my first day because the Year 11 representatives showed us everything we would need to know on those induction and orientation days."

Verity, Year 7 student – Cleveland District State High School