Invest in your people

With an extra year of high school, more teachers will soon move into Junior Secondary teaching roles.

Our pilot schools found that the mix of current teachers, graduate and primary-trained teachers offered a great opportunity for schools to share skills, practices and interests.

In some schools, traditional primary school teaching styles have proven to be very successful in Junior Secondary. Some of these styles include word walls, creative classroom layouts and lunch time activities.

Sixty pilot school students were interviewed as part of the pilot review and shared what they believe are qualities of a great Year 7 teacher. Some of these include:

  • understanding, caring, calm and relaxed
  • combining primary school with the new ways of high school
  • having fun but ensure we get our work done
  • spending time getting to know me
  • not treating me like a little kid.

"My advice to teachers moving to a high school would be to retain all the successful practices that worked for you in primary school. Just because are transitioning to a high school, doesn't mean you disregard what you are best at or what works well for you. You will have plenty to offer, don't lose sight of that."

Carolyn Smales, Year 7 teacher – Southport  State High School

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Pilot schools used the six principles of Junior Secondary to guide their practice, processes and organisation to provide the optimum learning environment for Junior Secondary students.

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