Prep is the first year of school

Prep is recognised as the first year of school in Queensland.

With the introduction of the Australian Curriculum in Queensland schools, full-time attendance in Prep gives students the foundation they need for successful learning in Year 1.

To be eligible for Prep, a child must turn 5 years old by 30 June in the year they start Prep.

Flexibility to delay entry to Prep

Most children commence Prep in the year they become eligible, however parents who are concerned their child is not ready to start Prep at that time can choose to start their child a year later - the year they become of compulsory school age (6 years by 30 June).

Parents should discuss their concerns with the principal of the school in which they plan to enrol their child.

Parents of compulsory school age children have a legal obligation to ensure that their children are enrolled in school and attend every day of school.

Enrolment in and full-time attendance at Prep fulfils this obligation.

Find out more about preparing your child for Prep (PDF, 322KB) accessible version (DOC, 27KB).