High school a great opportunity for teacher Toni

Toni Liddell's looking forward to teaching to high school.​

​Next year, Toni Liddell will be transitioning from primary school teaching to teach in the Junior Secondary years at Runcorn State High School. Toni shares what she thinks is the most exciting part about the move of Year 7 to high school. 

“I’ve taught in the upper grades for the majority of my primary school teaching career and it’s an area that I really love. When I had the opportunity—and for me it was a great opportunity—to come into a Junior Secondary setting and teach in a high school  I thought it was like a gift for me and my career. 

“It gives me an opportunity to specialise in subject areas that I’m interested in and for me it will be English and humanities. It also means you get to see where your students go from Year 7, when you would normally say goodbye. I’ll get to see how they progress and thrive in high school.

“I think the best parts of primary school that can be brought over to Junior Secondary include a stronger focus on pastoral care and knowing more about a smaller group of students. I know that high schools do a good job, but I think I can bring a strong focus on these areas from my work in primary schools, we do that exceptionally well and provide a nurturing learning space for young adolescents.

“I also think some aspects of the primary classroom environment can be tailored to suit Junior Secondary students. I think transitioning primary teachers can provide a familiar and an all-encompassing learning and teaching environment. We can contribute to making it a really good place for students to want to be. That’s exciting to me.”