Parents and teachers working together at Sunnybank Hills State School

Sunnybank Hills State School

As the end of the school year approaches, the teachers at Sunnybank Hills State School have been working with Year 6 and 7 students, and their parents, to boost their confidence about the impending move to high school.

With 105 Year 6 students and 78 Year 7 students nearing the end of their primary school journey, Sunnybank Hills State School Principal Geoff Mill said the school has been working hard to best prepare their students for high school life.

“It’s been an ongoing transition process, which started with ensuring that  our Year 6 students have had the same leadership opportunities as the Year 7s, and feel like a senior graduating class.

“We encourage students to attend transition and orientation days run by local high schools and we discuss what they experienced when they come back, such as the best things they found about their high school and what exciting things they are looking forward to,” Geoff said.

“However, just as important, is talking about elements of their schooling life that will be really similar to primary school. We’ve found that there is so much emphasis placed on the differences between primary and secondary, but in many ways it is still very similar and it’s sometimes important to reassure students that some things will stay the same,” he said. 

The majority of students at Sunnybank Hills State School are already talking positively about what high school will be like.

“I know that our students are confident they’ll have exciting new challenges in high school. They’re looking forward to growing in their leadership roles, plus having opportunities to play new sports and study new and different subjects. As much as they’ve enjoyed our primary school science program, I’m sure they are looking forward to the extension that the high school science curriculum has to offer.

Similarly, the majority of their parents are also confident that this will be a successful move for their child.

“I’ve spoken to many of our parents, and I’m confident that they are feeling quite comfortable about the move. For our current Year 7 parents, this is a natural transition that has traditionally taken place at this point in their children’s education,” Geoff said.

“Our Year 6 parents are very well prepared and confident about sending their children off to high school. They realise that the move is quite necessary, given the introduction of the Prep year in 2007, and they know their children are ready for it.”