Teaching role music to Shanice’s ears


After completing a Bachelor of Music and a Diploma of Education in secondary schooling, Shanice Andersen has landed her dream role teaching music to students in the early years of high school.

Her appointment at Gladstone State High School comes as the Queensland Government invested an additional $1 million for schools with existing secondary instrumental music programs to purchase musical instruments or equipment.

“Since graduating from university, it’s been a steep learning curve being in the classroom and I’ve definitely grown and developed as a teacher, but I’m excited to be able to teach music and drama to Junior Secondary students at Gladstone State High School from next year,” Shanice said.

As music is an elective subject, Shanice expects her students will have a wide range of musical knowledge and skills, and will need to tailor her teaching methods to suit her students.

“We start the year as if it was a blank canvas and I assume most students are beginners, though there may be students in the class who study music or are proficient at playing a specific instrument.  During class, I divide students into groups of similar ability, and students also focus on individual practice. As we progress through the year, students are measured and marked on their individual progress against their personal goals.”

To prepare for her move to high school, Shanice has completed the Junior Secondary professional development online modules through Griffith University, and has started working with her future colleagues on curriculum planning.

 “The coaching from my high school colleagues has been insightful and helped me to start thinking about student behaviour and attitudes in a more holistic way. Likewise, the professional development has complemented my previous study, and given me a solid understanding of the biological, social and emotional changes that are happening with young adolescents,” she added.

“I’m really looking forward to teaching students life skills, watching them grow into young adults and sharing with them my passion for music. And even if they don’t love music, I hope I can inspire them to follow other areas and subjects that they enjoy,” Shanice said.