Words of advice from students at Centenary Heights State High School

​In 2015, around 450 students are expected to start high school in either Year 7 or 8 at Centenary Heights State High School in Toowoomba. 

Four of the current Year 8 students at Centenary Heights share their thoughts on their first year of high school, and give some advice to help new students who will be starting next year. 

What is the best part about high school?

Adam: I really like having different subjects, like Health & Physical Education (HPE), home economics, art and manual arts.

Mandy: I think that socially high school is better than primary school, and it’s good to have a little freedom and responsibility. You get to walk around the school and meet people, instead of having designated areas.

Sarah: I’m really glad that I haven’t found the work as hard as I thought that it would be.

Jamal: Centenary Heights State High School has a nice school environment, and the tuckshop is great because you don’t have to order ahead of time.

What has been the most difficult part about getting used to high school? 

Adam: I thought opening my locker was tricky and getting used to the timetables and daily routines.

Mandy: For me, being organised and getting to classes on time was the hardest thing this year. I’m still finding it hard but I’ve started going to my locker earlier and that helps.

Sarah: Knowing where to go and finding my way around the school was difficult at first but I’ve got better at reading the school map and listening to notices. 

have the older students helped you to adjust to high school?

Adam: The older students are really helpful and can show you where to go, if you get lost.

Mandy: They are all friendly and polite.

Jamal: There were a group of senior students who came to our camp and helped us. They were fun to be with, helped us in the classroom and we did a lot of fun activities together.

What advice would you give to a new student, starting high school next year?

Adam: Remember to check your emails and don’t tell anyone your security codes. 

Mandy: Try to be friendly and respectful to the other students.

Sarah: Make sure that you use your diary. That way, you’ll always know what your timetable is for the day and when your assessments are due.

Jamal: Look after your equipment and making sure your locker is locked. Also, check where you have to go, and bring the right books.​